Plain Jane Pick-Ups and Hook-Ups: Dean and Deluca


We were driving by the Central Business District this week and saw a very familiar sign, raring to open this year in Manila

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 11.34.28 AM

I was quite excited to find this specialty store finally opening in the Philippines. I loved windowshopping at D&D during my visit in the US. Great news indeed!

It then reminded me of one time I was walking around in a Dean and Deluca branch in Georgetown. It was perhaps the first and only time someone came up to me and invited me to go for a coffee. For a plain Jane back in my country, it was a huge compliment. So huge that I remember it so fondly, given that It happened almost five years ago. I even have a written transcript of what went on during that quick coffee date. It was THAT major for me!

Many people said that the supermarket/grocery/deli is a perfect place to meet good people. Guys who are interested in keeping the house, or stocking the kitchen. Quite attractive if you ask me. But it never happened to me, until then…

And so it happened that I was maxxing out the gift card my tita lent me, buying foodstuff at Dean and Deluca’s..
I had this gift card from Dean and Deluca’s that had some money left. So I spent some time looking for cool things to spend on. I loved this store immensely, I could spend hours scouring through spiffy kitchen stuff at D&D. This hobby had my full and undivided attention. So I was startled when someone suddenly emerged from my back and said,
“You bumped into something.” 
“No, I didn’t.”, I said back at him.
Hahaha, I was just kidding.“, he replied.
I flashed him my sweet smile, and redirected my attention back at my groceries.
He then went on, “Where you from?”
I said, “I’m from the Philippines.
He asked quickly, “Will you be coming back there anytime soon? I wanna date you.”
I answered, “Im flying home soon. I dont have the time.”
And then he said, “What’s your name?
My name is Ginnsey. What’s yours?
He answered, “Weslin. I wanna take you out.
I inquired,How old are you?” (He did look kinda old.)
“45.” Not too old, haha..
Okay, you can buy me a cup of coffee. Where are you originally from?
He had this accent I couldn’t quite trace. “Bulgaria.”
We were already walking toward the coffee shop during the small talk.
Where in Bulgaria? Sofia?
He said some place that I dont recall. “You know Sofia. You’re smart.”
Yes, I AM smart. And of course, I know Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. What do you do?“, I asked.
I’m a digital movie producer, and ship captain in LA. I used to own four clubs in DC. Used to be a realtor too. You’re beautiful.” Weslin explained.
I answered, “I know.” Confidence is key!
“So you said you were leaving. When?” He asked again.
Sunday, goin’ back to New York.
“Visit me in LA”, he said.
I am not passing through LA. I’ll go by Sanfo and Vegas. But not LA,” I said.
Geez you are a busy person. Can I come see you in the Philippines?
I cordially invited him,  “Oh sure you can come and visit the Philippines. And no, Im not a busy person.
He asked, “What do you do?
Sabi ko, “You mean, right now? I’m travelling. In real life, I’m a lawyer.
Then I said, “Do you have a pen?
He gave me a pen. Then he said, “You’re gonna give me your number?
I said, “I’m gonna give you my email. Okay, and my mobile in the Philippines. Coz I need to go.”
Do you need a ride?“, he asked. “I can drive you to where you’re going.
No need, I will take the bus. You can walk me down to the bus stop.
Okay sure, that’s nearer where I parked. Let me know if I can still see you before Sunday.
I said, “Okay.”
I just waved goodbye and the bus drove away.
All this happened, in a matter of about 30-45 minutes. Quickest and most intelligent coffee date I’ve had so far, much like what Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy would say in Before Sunrise. (One of my all time favorites, by the way).
Years forward, it hasn’t happened to me again. Back to my boring life….
Have a great week ahead!



One of the many things I am grateful for in skirting spinsterhood is finding this gem of a yoga teacher. I don’t remember the exact date I chanced upon her yoga channel on Youtube. Truth be told, I had been quite averse to yoga. I thought that yoga practice was meant for the stretchy twisty lot. I thought it was only for people who have found their peace, their center. Those who can sit still and put their mind at ease. For a restless, buzzing mind like mine, I thought it was not my cup of tea.

It must have been a year and a half ago. I was searching on Youtube for a free online course on weight loss. I have probably tried every weight loss and exercise regimen imaginable – a gym membership, running, aerobics, swimming, poledancing, a personal trainer, South Beach, Atkins, the After-6 diet. Name it. My body was too stubborn to shape up. And everything on that list- JUST. BORED. ME. TO. DEATH.

Everybody knows the evil of sticking to a training program. You pay for membership, and then forget about it. Until it eats up all your money. As you belabor paying off your credit card debt, jacked up by membership dues, you get no consolation in return. The same result on the weighing scale stares you in the face, week after week after week.

Then, there it was, neatly tucked underneath a mindless search — a Youtube video that said “Weight Loss Yoga- Total Body Workout”

I tried the whole hour of it. Boy was I sweating, my muscles screaming, entire body shaking. Equipped with her doe eyes, and wide grin, she was asking me to smile and release tension in my jaw. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO THAT IN THIS POSE? But she got me to try.

I struggled to finish it. But I did.

The next day, I did it again.

And the day after.

And the next…

Before I knew it, I was mixing and matching her other yoga videos. She instilled the philosophy, “Find What Feels Good”, in a practice misconstrued by many as strict to form and technique. She emphasized to her legion of students around the world that it is important to make yoga practice your own. And the more you do that, the more benefits you will derive from it.

I guess I felt this strongest urge to keep her as the deepest darkest secret of my newly-found healthy lifestyle. But she is a star simply too unique to be ignored. There was no way for her to go but up!

She just recently announced that the channel has reached 150,000 subscribers. She continues to keep this valuable content, free for everybody to take. Her heart is just big, like that.

For those who choose a more detailed and tailor-crafted instruction, she and her team have launched this year, two online yoga bootcamps, Reboot and Empower. The world has become Adriene’s yoga studio, and it is growing by the minute.

I don’t consider myself a yogi. Very reluctant to even entertain the thought.


I practice yoga in the four dark corners of my bedroom. I have taken a grand total of one public yoga class in my lifetime. But this is the practice that I have taken to heart. I pat myself in the back for each inch further I can reach out to touch my toes.  When I am down, angry or upset, I roll out my mat to escape the harsh world outside. It gives me peace and calm for an hour, heck or even just a minute, and I am happy.

Adriene and the rest of our online yoga class have taken me to heights I never knew I would reach. I am late thirtysomething, single, at times lost in life. To others, I am an almost spinster. But despite that, I am proud to say I have never ever felt better as myself, the way I do now. A chunk of it, I lovingly attribute to this refuge that taught me “to let go of that which no longer serves me” and “to choose to find ease”.  On top of it, when all else fails, a voice echoes in my head “to be with the breath”.

I have indeed found what feels good.

So should you.



**Find Adriene Mishler at and




While giving way to a nasty storm (Goodbye Typhoon Glenda!), I’ve been going through some enlightening material. Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Being Rich and The Science of Being Great. You may think that I have already resigned to the fact that I grow old a spinster. I am not giving up just yet. These books have been trying to tell me things that I may have been ignoring all along. That my life is just waiting to happen. I just need to know what kind of life I want. I have to be specific and claim it as already mine. This has worked for my friends who knew what they wanted and as of now, are already enjoying that life that they claimed for themselves.

What I’ve read for the last few days could be summed up into these three words.




And for today’s installment, I picked the Amalfi Coast as my dream honeymoon spot.



This is Diane Lane’s fault. Totally blaming it on one of my favorite films of all time, Under the Tuscan Sun.


That dress, that view, this film made me fall in love with Positano.

A girl can dream. And live that dream. Now, I need to go make my vision wall


Love always,





Arsenal’s FA Cup and 2014 World Cup: My Football Baptism of Fire


Girls, or women for that matter, generally don’t care much about sports. We are perceived to care more about fashion, makeup, cooking and home improvement. I, for one, am very much a sports fan. This surprises men when I can keep up with conversations on sports. Basketball, tennis, boxing are among my favorite sports. Thanks to the influence of my father and grandfather.


In the Philippines where soccer or football has historically been unpopular, it is only lately that it is gaining prominence. This can be attributed to the success of our national team, the Philippine Azkals, within the region. I will admit that I got interested in the sport in the last three years or so.


In a recent trip to London, I was fortunate to watch a football match LIVE! Well sort of… It was big enough for me to see it primetime. Meaning, I didnt have to stay up late at night, or even early morning, to watch in real time. But the bigger deal were the tickets a friend got us to the Member’s Screening between Arsenal and Hull City for the FA Cup at the Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium!


At the Arsenal Station, during the FA Cup Final

At the Arsenal Station, during the FA Cup Final

I was so thrilled to feel the energy of an almost live match. I did not know much about the technicalities of football. But as a sports fan, I observed the momentum shifts from team to team, the athletic brilliance of individual players and the beauty of team play. On top of this amazing experience, I was part of a highlight in Arsenal’s history in winning its first title in nine years!

A month forward, I was back in Manila. And the World Cup fever was on! The very first football match I ever followed on TV was the 2006 World Cup which featured France and Italy. Italy won that duel, but that match is etched in memory because of Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt.

But this year’s World Cup was the one that I really followed very closely. My sleeping hours were  up in circles. I walked like a zombie for 6 weeks. I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could appreciate the competition more. While watching the matches, I turned to Twitter for quick commentaries on the goings on. It was like a football 101 crash course.

Many say that this has been one of the most exciting World Cup installments ever. And I happened to pick the 2014 World Cup to immerse myself in the beautiful game. I cannot say that I fully understand what an offside call really means. Or what the tactical formations can tell me. I enjoyed every match I saw, even in non-HD fashion.

I picked the Netherlands as my team. They wound up third, and Im mighty proud of them. I also picked Germany to win it all, as many predicted. And this tweet by Ozil says it all. It touched my heart in many ways, and let it be my endnote for today.

A happy and productive day to all!





One of my favorite Twitter accounts is UberFacts. It never fails to fill my twitter feed with amazing tidbits that make me stop and think.

I starred this tweet several months back, long before I even thought of starting this blog. But now that I have, this may perhaps be one of the main reasons I was never lucky with snagging a guy. I wasn’t schooled in the Art of Eye Contact.

Now where do we really learn this? Was there ever a course on this?

When I find myself in a bar or in a club, and I spot a guy that catches my eye, I look at him long enough. Until he gazes back at me. And my reflex is- TO LOOK DOWN OR LOOK AWAY!!!!

After I burn his nape with my gaze, I drop it and look the other way.


This article says that eye contact has become a lost art.

That it is essential, be it in personal or business relationships. In business transactions, I can say it is fairly easy to look at a client straight in the eye. Or when you deliver a lecture to an audience. But when it involves attraction, or emotions, why does it become doubly harder?

Looking at, I’ve come across a very helpful list of how a guy can gauge if a girl is interested in him. That is even if the girl couldn’t hold a gaze. I could only speak for myself, this very much applies to me.

“Using eye contact to gauge interest

Eye contact is the most common indicator a girl is interested in you.  If you’re wondering whether or not that girl across the room is wants to meet you, here are a few ways eye contact will let you know:

  • If a girl makes eye contact with you, looks away, and then looks back at you all within about 30 seconds…she’s interested.

  • If you lock eyes with a girl and she immediately looks down and away, that’s a sign of embarrassment.  She’s probably interested, but just feels shy.

  • If you lock eyes with a girl for a longer period of time than the usual quick glance – even if it’s just 2-3 seconds – it’s a sign she’s likely interested.

Lifted from Eye Contact and Attraction

Now, what do you say?

So no matter which answer you pick, UberFacts reminds us that, staring is an auto-suggestive power. If you want to get your way with the guys, staring could do the trick. Try it and let the shy ones like us know how far it took you. Let us live vicariously through your eyes!

Good luck!







See you soon Boracay

See you soon Boracay

One of the thrills of singlehood is that of travelling alone — what we commonly call, “solo flight”.

And in pre-spinsterhood fashion, I tend to go against the ebb and tide of tourism. I recently booked a flight to Boracay during the unpopular rainy season. This means less sun, less tourists, but cheaper plane fares and room rates. More money to spend on other activities.

I have not been to Boracay in 3 years. I avoided it like doomsday during the rave of #Laboracay (Labor Day weekend). It was all the rage over the summer. Teens and twentysomethings were starving themselves to death, pumping weights for hours upon hours at the gym. Scrubbing their skin until it was paper white for their fair complexion to glisten in the summer sun. Ahh the anti-summer rituals of the new generation.

As the dreaded Labor Day weekend drew near, the sight of this crowd on Instagram shook me to the core.

Boy was I glad to have stayed in the concrete paradise called Manila, and ducked this wave of scantily clad dudes and dudettes! Truth be told, I’d like to see more sea and sand, than bodies bumping as you walk the shore.

Many people avoid Boracay for being too commercialized, but the beautiful beach can’t be beat. The powder like pinkish-white sand is unlike any other. Even in the scorch of the noontime sun, the sand remains cool to the foot. No matter what they say, it is incomparable to any beach.

I intend to break all my protocols of beaching. I booked myself a room at a hostel. That I haven’t done in years. I had to stay in a hostel in Europe, when my campus accommodation was not available until after 3 weeks. I initially enjoyed the novelty of it. But after the first week, I hated it. I hated it for lack of privacy. I hated it because there was one time, I was looking for my bath towel, and saw it hanging in the common shower room. Someone else used it without my permission! But Im opening myself up to the excitement of being alone, and the chance to meet random people. And initiate conversation from air. This is so unlike me, but I gues this is the time to break routine. To create new experiences and enjoy a different way of travelling.

It may be stormy there now. I may even experience some flooding. But I will brave it to catch me some alone time, and to get away from the city that’s become too congested. I’m still praying that I get to enjoy a ray of sunshine to get a tan *super fingers crossed*. But with the wily change in climate, I might get that wish granted!

I sound like an old woman, as I look for simple joys that would have bored me to death a few years back. The heck I care, the island life is calling me. And for a few days in August, I will heed its call. Rain or shine.

Love always,


What If: I Was The One?


For once or more times in your life, you may have wondered: What if, I was someone’s “One that got away”? Could I have missed the only chance I’ll ever have at bliss?

We all think that it happens only to the worst of us. But apparently, it doesn’t. Even mega hunk Zac Efron recently hit a wall and realized:

Four Years After Their Breakup, Zac Efron Reveals Vanessa Hudgens Was The One

I guess we never really know that until that person is long gone, happy in the arms of someone else. Such is the true fact of life.

So let me say, enjoy it while it lasts. If the feeling of forever hits you, even if it may not last, better say it loud and proud, than leave you to forever hold your piece.

Happy Thursday everyone!